Hello foodie fam! I am back with a blog post all related about one of the best foods that do exist – burgers.

Everyone’s favourite burger is normally a double or quadruple meat based burger slapped with lashing of sauce and laced with easily melted slices of cheese. So when becoming pescetarian, it was obvious that burger will never be the same. So for a while, I did not have a burger for two reasons:

  1. The lack of seafood burgers! Really upsetting. For the first month or saw, I saw that there was a heavy neglect for fish loving people. Surely a salmon based, crab-based or lobster based burger should be more common? Apparently not.
  2. Secondly, because I was scared of the disappointment that plant-based burgers. I did not want a burger that tasted exactly like meat because if I did, I might as well go back to eating it. However, I feared that it would be also tasteless.

Since stating my food blog, I have tried 10 different burgers. Unfortunately, none of them are seafood burgers, but once Aunty Corona lets out out of the cages, I have a list of places that I can try seafood burgers from once we are allowed out again.

Let’s get started. I shall start with the most disappointing burger:


10TH eatbyChloe 

Burger: Guac burger

I have heard so many things about eatbyChloe, but they have been good things. So I was very excited  to try one of their burgers. Inside the Convent Garden shack is very aesthetically pleasing. Lovely colours and such a pleasant staff. With what seemed like such a warm atmosphere, it would have been great to have a burger that represented it. However, I have to say it wasn’t that strong. Very surprised that I didn’t like the burger, however it was disappointing.

The guac was really not guacamole and the patty was quite dry. Was a shame really as people were talking more about the deserts and the cookies and not the burgers!


Apart from 10th place, all the other burgers I had I real liked and I would have again, so I know that the places now are going to be a little harsh but they are still good!

9TH – Honest Burgers 

Burger: Fritter burger

I absolutely love Honest Burgers! And the happiest day was when I found out that I was able to have burgers from this restaurant again. A very enjoyable vegetarian burger this was. Lovely and laid up, with some lovely cheese. I just felt that the fritter was a bit burnt. As this was the main part of the burger, you really need the patty to blow you away, which it did not. But it still tasted good. One of those burgers that you wouldn’t run to pick but if you did pick it you would be pleasantly surprised about how good it was.

8TH – Bleecker

Burger – Tofu burger

I am a big fan of tofu. A lot of people might not, but I have tell you fried tofu is banging and I really love it! So I was more than happy to try a tofu burger, as there is not a lot of tofu burgers about. I did really like the pairing of the blue cheese and the tofu and it was a simple, effective burger. However, there just needed to be more! You could easily finish the burger in three, four bites max. Double stacked or a more hefty salad or more condiments, would have been amazing.

7TH – Dirty burger

Burger – Dirty Green

Probably the healthiest burger I’ve ever had, which was really confusing, but a very tasty veggie burger nonetheless. I felt like I gained a lot of energy from eating the burger, however sometimes you miss the dirty, calorie slap a burger can give you and this burger didn’t give me that. If your looking for a burger you wouldn’t feel guilty after eating, than this is the burger for you.

6TH – The Green Grill

The big positive of this place was that it one of the most local vegan junk food places in my area and placement ares was really motivating. The Green Grill is takeaway only, but that all you really need. This was one of my first soya plant based pattie and it was a very good start. It was highly enjoyable. The only thing is the onions should have been cooked down and I don’t see the appeal with charcoal buns apart from aesthetic. But for my first vegan burger, it was a huge positive.

5TH – Vurger

Burger – Buffalo burger

Oh Vurger. So close, but yet so far! This burger could have easily been one of the top choices if it wasn’t for the God forsaken cheese that just refused to melt! As for the patty, extraordinary! Full of taste and flavour. What I also liked about it was the fact that there was so many extra in the chicken burger. Was an added extra, but please Vurger, get some vegan cheese that melts


4TH – Honest Burgers

Burger – Plant Burger

Very good burger, no real faults if I’m honest. Very realistic texture to an actual meat burger, which can have you looking at the waiter and wanting to ask him a few questions, but the main accomplishment here is that the vegan cheese melts. Yes foodies, you heard that right! The vegan cheese melts! The sauce with the burger is lovely too and it is an absolute go-to in terms of picking burgers. And unlike its 9th place sibling, I would pick this anyday (if the pockets are right)

3RD – Biffs Jack Shack

Burger – Father Jack

This was the first time I had tried jackfruit and to be honest, this burger started to make me seek out jackfruit alternatives! This burger was so good. So tasty. The crispiness of the jackfruit patty was amazing. The caramelised onions was tasty, the onion ring, the sauce… the everything! I am so sad they closed down their little cosy place in SPAR in Walthamstow, as it was so local to my workplace, but I will be heading over to Dalston, to try more of their burgers. The only thing was the cheese did take some time to melt and did get lost in there, but in all honesty, I don’t think the burger even needed the cheese. Was great without it.

2ND – Patty and Bun

Burger – Smokey Robinson

This burger almost made it! Many reasons why it was 2nd place though. Firstly, the vegan cheese MELTS. Secondly, the bacon and patty were very realistic in taste and texture. Almost had me sweating a little bit. Thirdly, I am a sucker for caramelised onions, so throw this into a burger and I am LIVING FOR IT. Generally, I just loved the burger. The reason it was not the best burger I had tasted was honestly because the bacon was a bit too realistic. I know that’s funny to say, but it was a bit scary!

1ST – Coqfighter

Burger – Buffalo Burger

And here we have it folks! The best vegan burger I’ve ever had! I even had to add two picture so you can understand the greatness. The most realistic chicken replacement I think I’ve ever had paired with a tangy buffalo sauce, pickles and lettuce. You couldn’t think that just from how simple the burger was, the burger would turn out tasting THAT GOOD. I had heard people rave about coqfighter and oh do I understand why! Very delicious. I could eat this burger every day and never get tired, I swear to you!


And there you have it. Many veggie and vegan friendly burgers for you to try once you are out of quarantine.!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back with another blog post soon.

My journey as a pescatarian

It has been a long time since I’ve written a blog post!

If you have taken the time to look through my blog post recently, you would have realised that I have removed all my previous posts, and this would now be my first post for you guys. Some of the posts had memories attached from two to three years ago, which I feel need to be discarded and one these memories were the consumption of meat.

What made you give up eating meat?

At the start of university in 2015, I was a slim size 8. However, at the end of second year, I had put on a concerning amount of weight as I was size 14. I was about 95kg and the way that my height and body is set up, the storage of this new fat was not suiting my body frame. I wasn’t able to fit into a lot of my clothes and although my bum had got bigger, so did my stomach, chances of thigh rubbing, breasts, arms and stretch marks. I had even developed a double chin and my size of my face had changed! Walking to work at the beginning of third year was difficult. It was about a 45-50 minute walk at first, getting to 35 minutes when I started to get used to it, and on cold days I wouldn’t even wear a jacket due to how much I was sweating! My supervisor and managers used to give me five minutes before every shift to cool down because I would be in heaps of sweat once i got on the shop floor and could barely breathe. I tried to join gym that summer, but without a good knowledge of diet, gym was not very effective. Whilst in Gran Canaria, for my 22nd, my main thought was how I could have looked better if I had just lost a bit more weight… or if I had acquired some better eating habits.

I had entered third year with the mindset of no more red meat. So I stopped eating red meat from September 2017, which has been two years now. Two weeks later, the idea of chicken was not one that I was particularly fund of, and therefore from about November 2017, I decided that I would try being vegetarian. However, this didn’t last very long, as I found myself craving seafood, especially prawns and certain types of fish such as salmon, sea bass and cod. So I decided in February to be fully become pescatarian.

Do you miss eating meat?

At the beginning of being vegetarian, I seemed to start craving meat, especially red meat. I felt the dependency of how filling a burger can be was really getting to me and it started to feel like a struggle. I used to work on campus for my Union shop on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 10pm to 3am, which consisted of making countless cheeseburgers and chicken burgers for the drunk students at the end of the raving nights. I started to find the smell of the burgers appetising, and before I couldn’t even stand the smell.

Also there were two places I enjoyed eating at that I thought would really hinder my journey. These were  **Honest Burgers and Flat Iron. I think the regular visits to these places meant that I would lose a place I was comfortable and familiar to eat. But overtime, calamari (which was already a favourite of mine) and fish cakes took over my obsession of top picks for starters at restaurants over wings or chicken strips, as well as prawn/vegetable curries and seabass and mac and cheese, for example, stripping the idea of a medium rare steak or a meaty burger being as appealing!

** Honest Burgers now have a plant based burger and vegetable based burger. So, non-meat eaters can still enjoy the restaurant. I will be there soon to try!

How long do you plan to not eat meat for?

Forever. I no longer have the desire to eat meat and sometimes the smell of it does turn my stomach. However, I am very lenient with people eating it around me and people don’t know that I don’t eat meat until they ask me! I also try to have vegetarian weeks, where I don’t eat any seafood and just stick to vegetables and plant based food and I feel that also is important.

Any tips for people who want to join the journey?

Do it only if you are 100% about it. A lot of my friends have told me how they also want to give up meat completely, and I always advise them to only do this if they fully don’t want to eat meat anymore. This is because at restaurants, I always see their eyes wandering to the wings and cheeseburgers, so I tell them just to order it. I always remind them that I initially started off being vegetarian, but because I still wanted to eat seafood, I decided to just be pecsatarian. Being pecsatarian, vegetarian or vegan should not be a task or a punishment, but an enjoyable experience and journey that you 100% want to do. If you still want those wings, go get those wings!

What are the beneifts that you’ve seen since not eating meat?

My nails have been become much stronger and I’ve noticed this because I normally always have acyrilc nails done, which damage my natural nail. However, they have managed to still hold good colour and strength even after months of wearing them. My natural curl pattern has also changed. My hair used to be a very very tough and tight 4c curl pattern, but after this diet change, it has become softer and easier to maintain, and I am even able to slick my hairstyles into style that were not possible before. My natural Afro has also always been long, but I have also since considerable growth.

Before my summer of constant drinking and smoking (terrible I know), my skin was glowing and healthy and the best that it had looked for years. I have also lost a considerable amount of weight, which has been my biggest accomplishment, without going to the gym. My aim this autumn/winter is to combine my previous diet with gym and see how amazing the results can be!

Will you put any meat suggestions on your blog?

I think it is important, as more and more people explore the idea of being pecsatarian, that there are blog posts dedicated to the average pecsatarian person. When I started my food page of Instagram, I found it hard to follow similar pages to my idea – blog posts for pecsatarians by a pecsatarian. So I will be centring my material around not only pecsatarian dishes, but also vegetarian and vegan foods, as I do eat a lot of these. My blog will include a few pictures, but for a full account of all the places that I eat at and day to day lunches and snacks you can find that on my public food page: *tinueats on instagram.

Any differences between the two platforms?

The format of the *tinueats page is set up to be semi-formal with a general overview of service but mainly the attention will be focused on the food and if I would recommend or not. Instagram doesn’t have the space to give detailed descriptions, so I will save details descriptions of the setting/atmosphere, menu, and rating per food items to this blog – a similar format to what I had conducted before. The blog would be extremely useful for people who are interested in what I do eat and detailed descriptions of the restaurants. However, although detailed, I don’t intend to make the blogs extremely long.

What are your favourite things to indulge in now?

Funnily enough, after giving up meat, I have suddenly developed a sweet tooth. So now, I normally have cravings for cakes and brownies, which had made me take up baking recently. I also crave fried seafood like fried calamari and fried prawns, and my obsession with cheesy pasta has sky-rocketed!

Anything to look forward to on the blog?

Lots of seafood restaurants and plant based options!


If you’ve taken the time to read this blog, thank you! It is a re-introduction to a new me and a new style of writing and blogging.

See you in the next post!