Oh my gosh guys, it’s happening!

Hello everyone and welcome to my introductory blog page for my upcoming food blog! Today, this blog is going to be slightly different to how I have planned the rest of my blogs to be, but I hope you enjoy this post nonetheless. It will be split into two parts: A short introduction about me and a short review on where I have last eaten this year.

It would be rude to introduce my blog without introducing oneself, as manners are not just important across the table. My name is Atinuke, but most people call me Tinu. Over the years, the stress of being able to say my full name seemed more difficult than a tongue twister, so I decided, around Year 12, maybe it was time for me to use a shortened version and give my ears a rest to all the variations that had been created.tzru71421

I’m currently a 2nd year university student at the University of Kent and to some rarity, the most fun I have at university, is when I’m reading into part of my course! What a grandma I’ve become. I’m currently studying Psychology and also currently not regretting it! I have five main loves in life, apart from family and friends: My acrylic nails, shoes, psychology, eye shadow and food.


My love for food started since I was a little child. My mother always told me I loved food too much, but that was typical of Nigerian mothers, to make sure that you don’t end up eating too much at their friends houses. Nonetheless, it was true! I really loved food. Loved it so much and was ready to explore and try new things. By 19, I had tried all the famous things I used to see on  Come Dine With Me – a show that I watch too religiously – including scallops, which was a breaking point in my life, personally. Following this list was mussels and lobster and my love for prawns grew more everyday.

As I found a love for seafood, my current love for burgers increased also with me and my friends in 2014 going on burger adventure and I found myself dinning over 15 burger restaurants!

But nothing could compare to the love that I found in Thai food. It all started at my friend’s 18th birthday. She held her birthday at Thai Square, and fell head over heels in love with the fragrant taste and how appealing it was to the eye and palette. Since then I have only been back twice, but I will go back again soon and give you a guys a thorough analysis of why that place is so fabulous!

What the inspiration behind the blog? Others. The most common question that I get asked when I am out and being a photographer at dinner is “Where is that? ” “You always know where to eat” and recently my friends have been encouraging me to do a food blog. And finally about a month ago, when I got told again to do a food blog, I thought “Why not?”.  This won’t be your average food blog, this will be a food experience. My goal is to let you experience that with me so that you can experience it amongst yourselves. It will range from videos the atmosphere to rating the experience and food out of five.

Now the second part of the blog will be a short review about Inamo, and its new branch that has opened up in Camden. I personally think that it’s located in a good area and place and it just across the road from Morrington Crescent tube station, and in close proximity is KOKO Camden.

This had been my second time going to Inamo, with the first time being after a date to Winter Wonderland in 2015. When I first visited the place, I was unsure of the portion sizes, and even with my ex boyfriend already having his mind made up about having a Thai green curry, I remained quite hesitant. Eventually, I settled for duck and pancakes, and a quite hungry me was disappointed with my decision – duck and pancakes are only meant for starters! But my boyfriend at the time was far from upset with his Thai green curry. And having as taste from his bowl it was quite evident that I should have followed his footsteps. However, the down side was he had to order more rice as the curry to rice ratio was too small.

On our second visit, I noticed some differences from the two branches.

  1. Inter-activeness  – The Camden location did not have interactive tables like the Soho branch. Part of the Inamo experience is to order from the table and give the interactive feeling. The only time you would need to even encounter the waiters is when getting seated and paying! However at the Camden branch, we had to use iPads, which I guess can still be under the bracket of interactive, however, the iPads did have a few problems at the start so we had a lot of interaction with the staff.
  2. Variety – It did take me by surprise how much food had been added to the Camden menu. Fabulous ! I thought the menu at Soho, when I last visited, didn’t offer that much choice, but this menu was far better and definitely made picking what you wanted to eat more interesting.
  3. Rice portions – Yes this has to be its own sub heading! At the Camden branch we had to plan ahead and so we order two extra bowls of rice as well as the rice that came with our meals. Truth be told, we had to cancel the fourth bowl of rice as the rice that came with the curry this time was more than sufficient. At the Soho branch, eight bowls of rice still would not have been enough – such small portions!

Dinner Details: We went after the DVSN concert, which I have to say was bloody amazing. What an amazing, humble guy! img_35531

So after concert dinner, as you do, was at Inamo, and I mentioned previously, it was in such a good location, just opposite the train station. The restaurant was lovely and the waiter was extremely welcoming and friendly towards and we were seated fairly quickly.

On to the good stuff!

Starter: Korean wings. They were dusted of with coconut and presented so nicely you wanted to just snatch them from the waiters hands before it reached the table! They were tasty and light with a lot of flavour to them but a total on nine wings, so the odd number could lead to a tug of war if you’re like me and really love a good wing! Price – 8.95, Tinu’s score – 3.9/5


Main: Claypot Green Chicken Curry & Rice – Best Thai green curry you will ever taste! Where do I start… The creaminess of the curry and how all the flavours come together is orgasmic to say the least. I have had a few Thai green curries before, but nothing will beat this one for me so far. Absolutely delicious. Also what I liked about it is ingredients such a lemongrass were removed but still present in the dish, so that you can taste the lemongrass but not bite into it during your meal. img_36891

Also included in the dish were mushrooms, tomatoes, chicken and sweet potatoes. All soft and well balanced. The rice was nice and fluffy, and so when eating these two together all the components, it is heaven!  Price – 15.95. Extra rice – 3.95. Tinu’s score – 5/5


Bad stuff:

Drink sizes. Now personally for 2.25, this is quite a tragic size. So tragic, that it looks like it’s a toy. Now it is quite a down side to order some water just for the sole purpose that the drink is so small, so a suggestion would be to to just put lemonade on tap and serve in tall glasses like they do with their fresh juices, as no-one wants to pay almost a fiver for a full glass of lemonade.


Overall this restaurant is one to go to for a birthday, date or even Valentine’s day. Right now, they have the curry on their Valentines day Menu, so I highly suggest if you do choose to visit Inamo on Feburay the 14th, try the curry as it will get you and your partner’s taste-buds tingling!

Inamo – Soho branch – 134-136 Wardour St, Soho, London W1F 8ZP,  020 7851 7051,

Camden branch – 265 Hampstead Rd, Kings Cross, London NW1 7QX, 020 3325 2100 ,


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