Hello guys! I’m back with another restaurant review that I visited during the Valentine period.

I would love to know where all you fabulous people went to eat or even what you cooked up for the Valentines day, so leave a comment on this post to let me know!


One of the highlights of valentines day had to be receiving these beautiful flowers!

Let’s start off with the Valentines day dinner. It was only right for me and my boyfriend to celebrate Valentines day with cuisine that we both loved and first built a bond over – Chinese food! Chinese food is 2nd in line after Thai for favourite cuisines – I just love how aromatic and flavoursome authentic Asian food can be and because of that I am such a fan!

Location: We visited the restaurant Yauatcha, located in the Soho branch. The location is quite hidden, but is 8 minute walk or 4 minute drive from Oxford Street Station.img_38101

Settings: The restaurant is beautiful to look at! I really loved the fish tank that they had. Your eye catches it as you arrive and the seats that we got were brilliant. I couldn’t have been happier with the seating arrangements that they gave us!

They were sofa like chairs and we got quite a big table, even though it was only two for us, but as the table was so big, we could afford to sit side by side and created a different edge for the dining experience. However, that can be said, the rest of the tables were good sizes for two people and can be put together for other size parties.

Service: Staff were fairly friendly towards us. We waited only a little while to be seated but that was to set up our table as we arrived a little earlier. Sometimes, it took a few hands in the air to get the waiter’s attention, which personally is not a problem to me, and once they reached us they were helpful. Because of this, I would suggest evening meals at off peak times, as I think it would be quite chaotic during their peak times, like lunchtimes.

On to the good stuff!

Nibbles: They were pickled cucumber with three sauces and surprisingly I really liked it. My boyfriend really wanted to ask for the recipe and repeating what he said “How could they make cucumbers taste this way? So nice!”


There were more slices of cucumber but we ate so many before I remembered to take a picture!

Starters: Lobster roll – 9.80 – Tinu’s score –  3/5

These were quite different, I would describe them to be alternative spring rolls. These were quite tasty, the lobster was nice and soft, however I felt what was wrapped around it was really flaky and crumbled everywhere with every bite. That being said, it was still tasty. Good to have if you are ordering individually, as it only included three separate rolls.

Crispy duck roll(s) – 7.80 – Tinu’s score –  4/5

There have been only one place where I have had better spring rolls  – Hakkasan Mayfair. These type of spring rolls are the real deal. Fat, full of duck and cucumber and packed with flavour. Only thing to criticise is the duck was only a tad dryer than Hakassan’s spring rolls (Hakassan’s are 5/5!)



Main course: Stir Fry rib of beef in black bean sauce – Price £21.20 – Tinu’s Score – 3.2/5

The beef was delicious! If it was just a bowl of the the beef with a few veg, the dish would have got a solid 4.5, however there were more veg than meat, which isn’t exactly what I would have wanted. Focusing on flavour, very tasty. Even writing this, I can taste it again, just wish there was more! But if you don’t mind a lot of veg with your meat, it is great, and comes in a big bowl


Main course – Thai style chicken with onion, mango, papaya, chilli and coriander – 14.80 – Tinu’s score 4.1/5

Yes yes yes to this dish! Absolutely delicious and very flavoursome. The fruits such as mango were present but only a hint which is perfect for someone like me who isn’t a big fan of sweets with my meats. Three words- yum yum yumminess. Also with such a big bowl, you always were able to dip your fork back in and be surprised that there was more Thai chicken waiting.


Side – Egg Fried Rice with Long Bean – Price – 9.20 – Tinu’s score 2/5

The price is way too expensive to what was served up. The size was good, however it was very bland. A lot of seasoning needed to be added and you had to mix it with the tasty mains.


Desserts: Jasmine honey,  Price – 8.80 – Tinu’s score –  4.2

I am not a big lover of deserts and after all of the food, I was quite full, but still my greed won over common sense and we opted for a pudding. So glad I did. Not only was it presented so beautifully, it was light, airy, creamy and pleasing on the palette. It was served with ice cream and inside had hazelnut cream and chocolate in thin layers. I would recommend it for anyone who wanted something light and sweet to end the evening.


Drinks: ‘Chai Lai Lai’ Price – 12.50Tinu’s Score – 3.9/5

The cocktail was lovely! Had three grapes that were on a stick and very juicy and it was good to drink in between meals. However, I feel that there was too much ice in the drink and diluted it quite so much. I feel next time ask with no ice or a little less than they normally add.


Also a lovely bottle of water, with a pH of 8, was free for us and I have to say that is a lovely bonus in my books!

Overall experience : 3.9/5 – I would recommend this definitely for a birthday meal. Fabulous ambience and good food!

Address15-17 Broadwick Street., Soho, London, W1F 0DL

Contact number: 02074948888
Opening hours: Sun – Thur 12 noon – 10.00pm (last reservation), Fri and Sat  12 noon – 10.30pm (last reservation)
Reseverationsreservations@yauatcha.com, groups@yauatcha.com


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