Hello everyone! I am back again without a review this time, but focusing on ten food places that I personally feel will be great for that perfect first date. These are not just for first dates, but can also be for catch ups and other celebrations. But I personally feel that each restaurant has a different feel and these feels will be ideal in getting to know someone.

1. Superstar BBQ

The initial idea of cooking your own food was off-putting but when I found out that it was only the meat (which had come heavily marinated) that we had to cook ourselves, it suddenly became exciting. The ambience – exceptional.  Perfect for a date. The fact you get to cook your food, naturally gets you talking and active, rather than just waiting for the food to come, so it is a different vibe, but one that is enjoyable.

2. Honest Burgers

Who doesn’t like a good burger? If you looking for melt in the mouth beef, rustic fries and the freshest lemonade that you have ever tasted, then you have to visit this burger joint. I am a strong lover of Honest Burgers – I have been over ten times! And every time, it feels like the first. If you are not the kind of person who believes that you should spend loads of money on food, then this will fit the budget nicely. Each branch is rustic with a barn-type feel. I recommend the “Honest” burger. A real good, hearty burger. All burgers come with fries with no added cost. Added extra i recommend are the onion rings and chicken wings.

3. Hakassan 

In the heart of Mayfair, and also in the centre of my heart is Hakassan. If you like fine dining, and don’t mind spending a pretty penny, then consider cashing out some coins in this restaurant. It has a gorgeous feel, gorgeous Thai food and good cocktails. You will not be disappointed in the food portions or the quality of the food. I highly recommend for that exceptional first impression.

4. Novikov 

Another place that has been described to may be on the expensive side is Novikov, situated 2-3 minutes from Green Park Station. However, I promise that Novikov can be on the affordable side depending on what you decide to pick from, and I have been a handful of times. If you are in the mood for some Wagyu beef or caviar, then expect to spend hundreds, but if you pick food like me and get some chicken, noodles/rice and even some dim sum and cocktails, £40/£45 will stretch far for you. Ambience of the restaurant is similar to Hakassan, dark lighting and classy atmosphere and noise levels are respectable. As well as the restaurants, you have the bar downstairs and that is great for after dinner drinks.

5. Zizzi

Zizzi restaurant is gorgeous in terms of food. Again, it is quite an inexpensive restaurant, with less than £20 stretching from starters to a shared desert. I am the biggest fan of Thai food, but Zizzi provided me with some good Italian food, that I think would be good on any date.

6. Kervan

Turkish food is my 2nd favourite cuisine. It has well cooked meats, that’s so tasty and the food is in abundance. The best thing to eat at Kervan, or any Turkish restaurants are their mezze platters of meat and rice. They are so filling and tasty, and you will always be able to able to take some left over. Food that allows you to pick and choose and also gets you spoilt for choice, always allows you interact with someone more than you can think!

7. Flat Iron

O Flat Iron! How I love thee! Only praise can be given to Flat Iron! The most inexpensive, tastiest steak around town! I kid you not, STK and definitely Guacho’s steak does not compare to Flat Iron. From the chips, to the leaf salad, to the rose lemonade to the steak. Everything is faultless. I have been Flat Iron three times, and I leave in awe every-time. The price of the steak is £10 and chips £3, that £13 for the best pairing you can imagine. This is the number one place I would advise. The ambience is rustic also with wooden furniture, but the food is one a whole other level. No 1 recommendation for a first date!

Side note: Medium rare steak for best results!

8.  Burger and Lobster

Nice and simple restaurant that requires under £30 per person for lobster, burger, salad and chips and drink. Not bad at all. The lobster may seem like a rubix cube to first get in but with helpful staff to each you how to get in, it’s more fun than a struggle. Definitely a great place for someone to try lobster, as there are different ways the lobster can be cooked and is great for someone to try something new.

9. Meat Liquor 

Another favourite of mine. The restaurant comes with a look. Quite a edgy, “dirty” feel, that the food replicates. But I promise you, it is a get in and get your hands dirty type of food and you will love it. As well as good ol’ burgers and cheesy chips, their cocktails are good and strong. Ambience, especially at night, is quite chatty and loud, so if you find it quite intimidating to have too much of a quiet atmosphere, then head over! Everything comes together in order to have a good time and first date.

10. Inamo 

Head over to Introduction for a full review. Imano’s interactive table and wide range of Thai food is the perfect spot for a great date. Food is great, and if the company is great, what else could you need?