Hello everyone, and welcome back to yet another review. This time, I will be giving a quick review of  Stax Diner, that I went with my favourite people from uni. As this is my first time visiting Stax Diner, I will be giving my first impression, if I would return and what I would get if I was to visit again.


Getting drinks after a meal is always a good idea!

Location: Stax Diner is located in Carnaby Street, and is located in quite a cute area, that would be quite busy during the weekend and also after work.

Settings: The restaurant itself was incredibly small and narrow. Unexpected. We were seated at the end of the restaurant at a fairly low table, with lower stools. At first, it was uncomfortable, but I managed to adjust my self and wasn’t a problem as the night went on.

Service: The waiter and waitress that served us were pleasant. They seated us very quickly, and continuously came to make sure that we were ready to order as well as checking if we like the food.

On to the good stuff!


Main: The Big Stax: Stax Burger with spicy comeback sauce, Housemade Dill Pickles, Maple Glazed Beef Bacon, Caramelised onions, and your choice of Cheese (Cheddar -strong or mild, Monetary Jack) – Price: 10.95, Tinu’s score – 2.9-3/5

I have to say guys, this will not be in line for one of the best burgers I have tasted. Looks are indeed quite deceptive. The burger itself was cooked quite well, even though they don’t do their burgers at medium rare, they do start at medium.

I felt the meat to cheese ratio wasn’t very strong and could do with a bit more cheese due to the fact the beef was a large patty. The caramelised onions were burnt so it wasn’t a good addition to the burger. The sauce reminded me of burger sauce and it did complement the burger and because the meat was cooked well, the burger was not bad.

But compared to some of the burgers I have eaten, including Meat and Co, Burger and Lobster, Shake Shack and Honest Burger, this was not in contention.

Cajun Fries – Family size – 3.25 – Tinu’s score – 3/5

The fries were nice. It was a decent addition to have to your burger. Here a tip you guys should remember when eating at burger joints. Certain chips that look a certain way impact on its taste. Chips like this, and also present at Flat Iron, Five Guys and Honest Burgers are normally fresh cut and they have a lot more depth and flavour and take seasoning like rosemary and salt much better than some crunchy thin fries.

Stax’s Diners’s chip looked like fresh cut, so they managed to hold some flavour, but were not as good at other fresh cut chips that I have tasted. Nonetheless, I did not regret getting this side. It was a very good generous portion for its price as well.


Onions Rings – Spicy Battered Onion Rings served with Ranch Dressing. Price – 4.00 – Tinu’s score  – 1/5

These onion rings missed the mark for me completely. A pet peeve of mine is an onion ring that has an abundance of batter, that is burnt and the onion found inside is flavourless. This was exactly how these onion rings turned out. If you need a side, miss these and stick to fries.

Popcorn Shrimp Bucket – Cajun Spiced Battered Popcorn Shrimp with Comeback Sauce. Price – 6.50. Tinu’s Score – 1.5/5

I love shrimp, and normally, I would get them as a starter, no matter where I would go. But I had to pass, when the waiter told us the side that would be served for the popcorn shrimp. Too small for the price required. When my friend, decided to get the shrimp, it was good thing I didn’t decide to get it too! Quite bland. About 10 pops of shrimp served, this about 65p per popcorn shrimp. That’s a no from me.


Mojito Cocktail: Havana Rum, Sugar, Mint, Lime – Price – 8.50, Tinu’s score – 4/5

These cocktails have such a great kick to them. They are strong and tasty and the great thing about these mojitos is that you can have raspberry or peach add ons. A good cocktail is a strong one, so this is a drink that I definitely would recommend.


Fresh Pink Lemonade – Price – 3.25 – 4.5/5

£3.25 may seems a tad pricey at first for a glass of lemonade, but I was more than happy to pay for this one. It tasted delicious. I rarely use that words to describe things I’ve tasted, but this drink was refreshing and so so tasty.


Overall  – 2/5. Honestly speaking, the best part about the meal was the drinks. I could not recommend going to a burger joint to get drinks, so I would sit this place out. Even though the burger and fries was okay, other things at a American-inspired diner needs to be up to scratch.

However, there is a chicken side to the menu. If i was to visit again, I would have to try the chicken and waffles, green fried tomatoes,  as well as a mocktail, cookies and cream milkshake and a desert. It could be something I could review in the near future. But I would not revisit for a beef burger and fries.

Restaurant information- Address: 1st Floor, 1.7 Kingly Court — Carnaby, London W1B 5PW

Opening hours:

Monday   12 noon to 10 pm. Bare in mind – last orders at 8:50 pm.

Tuesday – Thursday: 12 noon to 11 pm. Bare in mind – last orders at 9:50 pm.

Friday & Saturday: 12 noon to midnight. Bare in mind – last orders at 10:50 pm.

Sunday 12 noon to 10 pm. Bare in mind – last orders at 8:50 pm.

Phone: 0203 137 2671