Hello friends! I’m back again with a post full of tips of what foods are best for festivals!

Festival season is in full swing this year, and I had the opportunity to head up to Manchester to enjoy two fun filled days at Parklife, seeing Frank Ocean live as well as artists such as Sampha, Mura Musa, Flying Lotus, Stormzy, AJ Tracey, Giggs, BBK and J Hus.

An absolutely unforgettable experience that I would do all over again!

As well as the music, it is important that you are not only hydrated with good booze, but that you are also fulled with tasty food. Having a good burger, for example, can really add on to your experience. However, there a few foods I feel should be saved for outside of festivals and some foods with are a must have!

Top foods:

  1. Burger and fries – You can not go wrong with a burger and fries. A good meaty burger, topped up with cheese and added extras and some crunchy fries are a win win combination. Not only are they tasty, but they will line your stomach for a few hours. and also prepared quite quickly. So once you dish out the £10 on those two dishes, there is more money for drinks!
  2. Wraps – Wraps are tasty and quick to prepare. A long line can disappear in a few minutes and it has you feeling satisfied and happy! There is also always a wide choice of foods that are available in wraps, such a vegetarian options (e.g. halloumi) and vegan options. And with a wrap you do not have to buy a side. Everything wrap up nicely in a wrap!
  3. Hot dogs – Another food option that you can not go wrong in. The toppings to explore on a hot dog are endless. You can go from a classic to anything including crispy onions and gherkins. Al down to you! Again, paired with fries is great combo meal that will leave you full of a long time

Bottom foods:

  1. Noodle based dishes – I know, shocker! A lover of  Thai is advising the public not to line up for Chinese/Thai stalls at festivals? The answer is a big yes! Avoid at all costs! There has only been one stall in all my time of going to music festivals that had served me up a good noodle based dish – Pad Thai. Apart from that, all others have been flavourless and rushed and let me feel quite ill. All portion sides are half a cardboard box, very small are not worth the average price of £8/£9. Not recommended, even if there is no queue.
  2.  Cakes/sweet baked treats – Most are extremely overpriced, and with all the money that you had spend on your round of drinks, are you sure you really want to buy a slice of cake and a square brownie for £12.50?
  3. Pizza – There has not been one stall that I have seen that sells a good sized pizza. I do, however, respect that most are made from scratch and are freshly made, but the portion sizes do not cut it for me, personally. It also takes ages for them to be prepared and even though i am a fan of burnt edges, others may not. There is generally one size, and they are quite thin. Also, these pizzas could be finished in 4-5 little bites. In the next five minutes, your stomach starts to rumble and you’ll be wondering: Was that £10.50 worth it?

Middle of the road foods:

  1. Rice based dishes/curries – I put these types of foods as middle of the road, because it is very dependent on who is behind serving the food. Caribbean food and Indian food generally taste better when there is an authentic feel behind the food, when there isn’t, you can taste the difference. And the difference will be whether you love the food and it’s rich taste, or you find the nearest bin to throw the watery goat curry away.

Top food tips for festivals:

1 – Make sure you have a good, hearty breakfast. A full English, or even a McDonald’s breakfast with some hash browns and hot chocolate will go a long way for your pocket and your stomach for the long, but fun day ahead.

2 – Try to find some food to eat for lunch if you plan to arrive at the festival later rather than sooner. During Parklife, in the town centre in Manchester, me and my friends stumbled across a whole row of cultural different foods at friendly prices, ranging from Caribbean food to Turkish/Greek, to English. I picked up a Lamb and Mint burger that came with cheese, bacon and rocket for £4. It was was so delicious and packed full of flavour that if they had a stall in Parklife, I would have happily paid double the price.

3 – Snack rather than full meals. Most of the time you are not really hungry, just craving for something to nibble on!

Hope this post was useful to those who are planning to go to some of these amazing festivals are are around in July!



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