Hello friends and welcome to yet another review! This review will be giving about the slightly new restaurant around town, Tarshish. Since this is my first time, I will be talking about my first impressions, if I would return and if I was to return, what I would order.

LocationTarshish is located less than a minutes walk from Turnpike Lane station. The sharp difference of the high street compared to the sleek presence of this restaurant will have you thinking that you are dining out in central London!

Settings: One word. Sophisticated. Elegant set up. One important element that I noticed was the ideal space between and around tables, that made it easy for us to get in and out.  The chair were armchair type chairs and were so comfortable to dine in, compared to your average chair or in some cases stools. There were flowers that decorated the window, as we were lucky to get a window seat and it was such a lovely touch.

Service: Service was fantastic in terms of speed, and the attention that was paid to us as customers. We did not have to call any waiters to cater to us because they were always floating around to make sure we were happy. They were also constantly refilling our bread basket and refilling our glasses for water. Very good service overall.

On to the good stuff!

We were first given a bread basket with roasted red peppers and a creamy sauce. Delicious. I was free of charge and it was very tempting to visit the restaurant just for the bread, peppers and sauce!




Starter – Calamari – Price – £7.50, Tinu’s score – 4.7/5
Rings of squid fried till crispy and served with tartar sauce.

For my starter, I ordered Calamari. I am the biggest fan of fried squid, so my expectations were high in what I expected. And I was not disappointed. The calamari had a light and crispy batter and the squid was soft and had a slight chew that is needed from a good calamari bite. It was delicious. A common problem with squid is that it can be extremely rubbery and can leave you chewing for an awfully long time, however this was not the case. Highly recommend this starter.


Main –  BBQ Combo – Price- £18.50 – Grilled rack of riblets and chicken fillet, topped with BBQ sauce and melted cheddar cheese. Served with chips and red cabbage coleslaw. Tinu’s score – 4.4-5/5

Delicious! It even more delicious when it come to the table and I was overwhelmed by the fragrant smells of the salad, the juicy chicken and how vibrant all the colours looked together. It was served on a wooden board and presentation was great. So aesthetically pleasing. I couldn’t wait to tuck in.


My favourite sauce mad a comeback with this dish!

The chicken, cheese and BBQ sauce went together much better than I had anticipated, as the sounds of all of those things together sounded like a hit or miss. However, it was a total hit. It was paired with ribs which were succulent. I would have loved to have more of the ribs, as I felt I had vacuumed them up so quickly, and hence had no chance to really enjoy it. The salad was fresh, and really brought and element of zest to the dish.

I loved the red cabbage coleslaw, however I do feel they could add a little bit more red cabbage for more crunch, but i still really enjoyed it. The chips were very close to stealing the show. Just how I like them. Crispy, not oily but packed with flavour from those herbs. Reminded me a lot like my all time favourite chips from Flat Iron. One of my top three favourite portions.

Drinks – Lemonade – Price – £2.00 – Tinu’s score – 2/5

Well, maybe it was my fault to have chosen lemonade out of the wide selection of cocktails, wines and fresh juices that they had to offer, however I feel that I should have stuck to the free water. I had to take turns in drinking the lemonade and water as the bottle was so small. It was the exact size of the Inamo lemonade that I mentioned in my Introduction blog. Too small and could not satisfy a thirsty blogger, such as myself.

Overall – 4.5/5

What can I say? I really loved the place. I was impressed by the quality of the food as well as the size. I was dying to try the mac and cheese, so I will be returning soon to try it. I would recommend this place for a good birthday dinner, a cute date or a catch up. Any excuse you can think of getting your glam rags on, head on down, as it does have a dress code!

If you are thinking of going for dinner, I highly suggest booking beforehand. I visited in the afternoon and it was already starting to fill up, so to avoid disappointment, book ahead, and don’t be late! You table is only held for fifteen minutes.

Restaurant information: 

Location:– 16-20 High Rd, Wood Green, London, N22 6BX.

Hours: Monday – Friday 17:00 pm – 00:30 am.

Saturday – Sunday -12:00 pm – 00:30 am.


Contact:- Email – info@tarshish.co.uk

Telephone-: 020 8881 6479

tarshish.co.uk/ – for Main menu, desert menu and drinks menu.



Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! It has been a while since I have written a blog post for you guys, telling you where next to spend your money, but don’t worry! I have been saving up places that I feel would be good spots to let your taste-buds run loose. But in this post, I will be talking about the great food I had tasted whilst on holiday in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria.

During the first week of September, me and my friend of ten years went on our first holiday together to Gran Canaria, one of the Canary Islands. It is a gorgeous, modern island covered with palm trees and full of buildings impressively built on top of rocky mountains. Scenery was the first thing to catch my eye in the area only because it was so breathtaking.

Views from our apartment! 

Our holiday was a fun, relaxed holiday as we tried to fit in as many activities that we could possibly fit in. In our full days, we visited Aqualanda water park in Las Palmas. The next day we spent in Mogán, which was the other side of Gran Canaria, which took a 40-45 minute boat ride. Mogán is famously called ‘little Venice’, with its beautiful houses, quiet atmosphere and scenery and designer outlets. As well as the smooth boat ride, we made friends with the drivers, who allowed us to drive the boat. What an experience that was! We also visited two beaches, one in Mogán and also one in Puerto Rico. Our final day consisted of a camel ride and show, that was really something I felt I needed to experience to know I won’t do again.

But lets get to the important stuff – the food!


During the holiday, we found ourselves snacking quite a lot. The convenience of having a massive supermarket just a couple feet away from us did not make our snacking obsession any easier to control. Since most mornings we were on the move, it mainly consisted of a chocolate filled croissant, or mini donuts glazed with icing and chocolate or even come principles and Oreo filled pastries. The one time we did have time for breakfast, it was indeed pleasant. Runny egg and sausage bap with fresh orange juice? You can’t go wrong.IMG_6522[1]

Through our love of snacks also came our love for ice cream! Every corner has an ice cream truck or shop that will have you pondering on what combos to get!


Can never go wrong with good old vanilla, but pistachio for the win!


Without any form of denial, I always looked forward to dinner the most! And who could blame me with all of the restaurants that were just at our doorstep?


Drinks were such a good amount that it did not even cross your mind to order another one. In large beer like jugs, they keep you going and hydrated. Alcoholic drinks were worth the money. The drinks were well balanced – with shots! Forget a chaser! And who would love a restaurant that gave you free shots after ever meal? Some restaurants didn’t just give us shots, they gave us bottles to keep pouring as many shots as we would desire! Talk about good customer service!


All our dinners were eaten in Puerto Rico. My favourite meal had to be chicken and bacon tagliatelle. It was rich, creamy and was packed full of flavour. The portion size was immense and I could not have been more satisfied with what was presented in front of me at that time. That warm feeling you get when you love a dish, was exactly the feeling I got with my first mouthful to the last.

Other dishes that warmed my heart was a pepperoni pizza that I had quite early on in my stay. It was delicious! Light, crispy base with a rich tomato sauce and juicy pepperoni, sprinkled off with some fresh herbs. To die for! Mouthwatering and again, the portion size was huge. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Another favourite was lasagna that we had on our second night. It was scrumptious. I have never eaten lasagna that had so much flavour and such good taste. Every mouthful was one to savour. It was hot, fresh and so yummy and greatly seasoned. The garlic bread that we ordered to accompany the dish was also fresh and packed with garlic and fresh herbs. A winner!

On our camel trip, we were treated to a BBQ, and the BBQ was an amazing end to such an experience. The foot was laid out and fresh. We had pork and chicken combo with potatoes, homemade coleslaw, with fresh onions and peppers, with homemade bread with a special home made sauce. The table came with orangeade, water and sangria and bananas. The meat was seasoned beautifully and everything went well together as a dish.


If you are thinking of going on holiday, Gran Canaria is a beautiful, exciting place to visit. Packed with amazing places to do and also amazing places to eat! I loved the food here and it made my holiday just that much better.